UPDATE: Immigration Fees Increase By Huge 500%


Changes to fees for immigration cases is expected to raise £37 million every year – but what does this mean in real terms if you are going through the immigration process? Emma Brooksbank tells all.

Immigration cases get more expensive

Changes To Immigration Fees

The government is seeking to recoup the entire cost of immigration proceedings – seeing a huge jump in the cost for anyone who is seeking to settle in the UK.

  1. Fees in the first-tier tribunal will rise from £80 to £490 for an application for a decision on the papers, and from £140 to £800 for an application for an oral hearing,
  2. An application to appeal from the first tier tribunal to the upper tribunal will carry a fee of £455,

Where permission to appeal is refused, the renewal fee will be £350. There will be an additional fee of £510 to proceed to a hearing where permission is granted

Our Head of Immigration Explains

Emma says:

"These costs are clearly much more than previous applicants have been subject to, and they will be applied across the board if the changes are successful.

The only slight consolation is that applicants in 'particularly vulnerable positions' will not be faced with the extortionate fees. The details of this are to be finalised, but will likely include cases suitable for legal aid where citizenship could be in jeopardy. It will also extend to vulnerable children.

Despite this, what we are left with is worrying state of affairs. The people who are already in vulnerable situations, such as those seeking asylum, feel as though they cannot access the legal support they need.

When there are already obstacles in the way such as language and complex reasons for wanting to remain in the UK, the idea that money – and the government wanting to profit from someone's misfortune makes a difficult situation even tougher.

Financial issues should not hinder anyone's access to justice or the legal system."

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