UPDATE: Couple Bound for Saudi Deportation are Released from Detention in the UK


After work by their legal team at Simpson Millar, Raja Khouja and her husband Mahmoud Alhassan were released from Yarl's Wood detention centre on Friday evening 26th June.

Raja and Mahmoud are released from detention in the UK

Following 21 days' detention, the couple who were due to be deported on 25th June to Saudi Arabia, spent the weekend with friends and now look forward to working with their solicitor Emma Brooksbank, to fight against their ongoing deportation order.

As we announced last Wednesday, raja and mahmoud’s deportation was stayed after a hearing at the immigration tribunal.

Specialist immigration solicitor Emma Brooksbank explains: "We now begin the process of seeking permission for Judicial Review of the decision to deport Raja and Mahmoud. The process is by no means over, but we’re satisfied with the progress we've made so far and to have the support of more than 100 000 signatories to their petition on Change.org gives us a real boost that people share our resolve."

Upon being released from Yarl’s Wood, Raja Khouja said: "Today I feel I was born. I feel that I have my freedom and life thanks to the British people - all my friends and all those who I have never met but who supported my case and spoke out for me. I run out of words to tell you how much I thank you. I have great respect and warm love to every one of you."

"My message is to all my friends and to the world that the people of Britain respect and know what freedom, justice and human rights mean."

"Having been detained and imprisoned I personally feel what freedom is. My dream is that all those countries round the world could have the same freedoms to campaign for justice and human rights that you have shown that you have used so well. May God bless and protect the people of this country who have shown me love, respect and have given me my freedom and justice."

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