UK Travel Law Firm backs MEPs Call for Tighter EU Food Poisoning Regulations


Simpson Millar LLP is backing MEP Catherine Bearder's calls for tighter controls over the potentially fatal food poisoning bacteria, Campylobacter – similar to the controls already in place for salmonella.
European Food Authority
Campylobacter is one of the most common types of food poisoning and is often the bug that causes traveller's diarrhoea. A European Food Safety Authority report suggests that about 9 million people suffer from Campylobacter food poisoning each year across the EU.

The report recommends that greater steps are made at the meat production stage to prevent the spread of the infection and limits on levels of campylobacter at the meat production stage.

The Southeast Regional Liberal Democrat MEP has advised:

"EU limits have already helped reduce salmonella cases in Europe by half. A similar approach to campylobacter could significantly reduce the risk faced by consumers and force retailers in the poultry industry to clean up their act."

Paul Stevens, Simpson Millar LLP's Group Illness Claims Litigation Manager, advised:

"It is about time that EU regulators acknowledged that campylobacter is as hazardous as salmonella in causing infectious symptoms of food poisoning.

"UK Travellers to European destinations including Greece, Turkey and Spain have their holidays ruined every year in circumstances in which their infections could be prevented if there were greater controls at the meat production stage – greater controls would mean the meat and poultry should not arrive at hotels in contaminated state."

Simpson Millar LLP deal with hundreds of cases of infectious diarrhoea each involving holiday makers that have consumed contaminated food in various European destinations. They are currently settling claims involving groups of customers that have stayed at all-inclusive hotels in Greece and Spain.

Paul concludes:

"We can help people that suffer campylobacter on holiday although the should not be exposed to the bug in the first place. Catherine Bearder is finally taking action to reduce levels of food poisoning across Europe and has my full support."

Full details of the European Food Safety Authority Report can be found here: European Food Safety Authority Journal

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