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The world of tennis was convinced that Petra Kvitova would not make it back onto court in time for Wimbledon 2017 after a horrific knife attack left her with damaged tendons and ligaments to her playing hand. Despite the odds and with an excellent rehabilitation team behind her, she will play in the world renowned competition ranked 12th.

Our Melanie Burden, a hand/finger injury compensation specialist, discusses the tennis star's recovery process and how intense rehabilitation can be truly life changing for personal injury survivors.

Knife Attack

In December 2016, Petra Kvitovo found herself victim of a knife attack at her home. Unknowingly, the tennis star let in a man posing as a utilities worker into her apartment. As part of the incident, which was labelled as a random burglary, Petra was attacked with a knife which left her playing hand covered in lacerations.

The tennis star was said to feel, "fortunate to be alive," but her future tennis career hung in the balance as a result of the attack.

The two time Wimbledon winner was told that she would almost certainly be out of the game for six months, potentially longer. The damage to her tendons and ligaments were severe. Petra was taken straight to hospital where 4 hours' worth of surgery took place in order to assess the damage and begin her long road to recovery.

Intense Injury Rehabilitation

It is common for sports stars to receive intense rehabilitation to any injury sustained that will affect their sporting career. It is usually footballers who are seen to receive this sort of treatment and it can sometimes mean players are back on the pitch much sooner than expected. In this case, Petra faced at least 6 long months of rehabilitation. Using the highest of quality in sport science, medicine and therapy, sports stars are able to benefit from a multi-disciplinary approach to their recovery that ensures they are able to return to their sport as quickly as possible.

When suffering from a career destroying injury, sports stars can expect:

This kind of rehabilitation can be life changing for sports stars and their careers, but it can also make a huge difference to personal injury survivors. With the help of compensation, it is possible to receive the same treatment listed above to ensure a speedy recovery.

Hand/Finger Injuries

Petra Kvitovo had severe damage to the ligaments and tendons in her hand that without intense treatment would have reduced her mobility and function. Tendon injuries are the second most common hand injury in the UK. There are two types of tendon that can be damaged in any injury to the hand.

The two types of tendon are:

  • Flexor tendon – strong, smooth cords that connect muscles in the forearm to bones in the fingers and thumb.
  • Extensor tendon – strong, smooth cords that straighten the fingers by connecting the muscles of the forearm and hand to the bones in the fingers and thumb.

Injuries to the hand can be extremely frustrating and debilitating and sadly, it is very easily done. If the injury has taken place because of another's negligence, this can add another level of frustration. However it does mean that, if the injury took place within the last  3 years, you may be entitled to compensation that could help towards a speedy and effective recovery.  Because hands are often integral to a successful working life, it is important to seek the best possible treatment. In Petra Kvitovo's case, it has enabled her to return to tennis. She won Birmingham's Ageon Classic in the women's singles and intends to take on many of the world's best tennis players at Wimbledon, in the coming weeks.

How Can Simpson Millar Help?

Simpson Millar has many years of specialist personal injury experience and is able to provide in-depth advice on what your rights are for personal injury compensation. You will be provided with a single point of contact to deal with your case and you will also be provided with information on where to find the best treatment for your hand/finger injury.

Melanie Burden comments:

"Petra is a fantastic example of the advancements made in medicine that enables remarkable recovery from what can appear to be a devastating injury."

"With the right expertise and one-to-one treatment, hand injuries can be healed and potentially at pace. It is important for hand injury survivors to seek medical help quickly after an injury which is also why it is important to seek compensation promptly."

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