Tropicana Azure Club – Egypt – Salmonella and Typhoid in Nabq Bay Hotel


Angry holidaymakers are contacting Simpson Millar Solicitors after returning home from holiday ill from alleged food poisoning at the Tropicana Azure Club in Nabq Bay near Sharm El Sheikh in Egypt.

Early reports indicate that several holiday makers have been treated for salmonella food poisoning – typhoid and dysentery. Others are awaiting the results of stool tests.

Symptoms of the sickness affecting the Tropicana Hotel’s guests include debilitating stomach cramps - bouts of vomiting - uncontrollable diarrhoea and fever.

Simon Lomax, Package Holiday Illness Claims Manager at Simpson Millar said:

“We have spoken with holiday makers who are reporting horrific experiences."

"It appears that there is something very sinister going on at this hotel which has led to an outbreak of sickness. Typhoid fever is a really nasty bug – it is commonly passed by the ingestion of food or water contaminated with faecal matter."

"We are very concerned that the tour companies’ holiday representatives are not advising people to seek urgent medical treatment."

"As usual the tour operators’ representatives appear to be telling those falling ill that they have probably fallen victim to an airborne virus or change in climate. This is totally irresponsible."

"Salmonella and typhoid can cause long term medical problems including organ failure if left untreated."

"If it transpires that holiday makers are becoming ill due to food poisoning or because of poor food hygiene standards then we will be seeking substantial compensation for those affected – salmonella – typhoid and dysentery are not caused by airborne viruses – they are caused by unacceptably poor standards of cleanliness.”

The PrimaSol Tropicana Azures Club is a large 364 room all-inclusive hotel used by the UK’s largest tour operators Thomson Holidays, Thomas Cook, Olympic Holidays and Cosmos.

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