Triton Showers – Do you have a compensation claim?


We are currently monitoring problems with Triton showers that have resulted in scalding injuries. In some instances these injuries may be caused by defective parts within the shower and in other cases it can merely be down to water pressures and other external factors.

A simple search of popular DIY message boards shows that many people seem to have problems with their Triton shower and these aren’t confined to any one model. One tongue-in-cheek contributor wrote: 'Triton showers seem to have only two settings – scalding hot or freezing cold'.

Shower Scaling Injuries

Whilst the message boards are light hearted in tone, there does seem to be an ongoing problem with Triton showers and we wonder if there are more Triton customers out there who may have suffered personal injury due to a faulty Triton shower.

Many people complain that the water coming through their Triton shower can suddenly turn scalding hot and this can pose a very real danger of personal injury – especially for a child or elderly person. Scalding from hot water can cause serious long-term injury.

If you or a family member has suffered any kind of injury due to problems with a Triton shower that you feel is defective, you may be eligible to claim compensation. Personal injury compensation claims can take into account the physical injury and any psychological effects the incident caused.

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