Treatment of lung cancer in the UK is falling short


A study carried out by the NHS Information Centre and the Royal College of Physicians shows that the UK is lagging behind other Western European countries in regard to treatment of lung cancer.

Out of 26,000 patients the study revealed that only 50% received any form of active treatment and only one in ten had surgery.

Surgery to remove the tumour tissue is the most effective chance of curing lung cancer and it is saddening to see that only 10% of patients in the UK get this type of treatment offered to them. In the Netherlands figures are in the region of 20% and in Sweden 17.5%.

The study showed that there is wide variation among Trusts throughout the UK with the best-performing Trusts being 4 times more likely to offer a lung cancer patient the option of surgery to remove the tumour.

In the UK only 51% of lung cancer patients are currently receiving anti-cancer treatments whereas in Italy 75% receive active treatment.

The UK Lung Cancer Coalition commented: "The UKLCC is disappointed to see the huge variation in lung cancer treatment and care across the country and will continue to press for lung cancer services to be raised to the level of the best."

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