Traumatic Brain Injury Compensation Claims – make choosing the right Solicitor your top priority


If you or a family member has been diagnosed with a Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) and you want to claim compensation for your head injury, then it is vital that you choose the right Solicitor to handle your compensation claim to ensure that you get the very best settlement.

Traumatic brain injury can result from many situations: a car or motorbike accident; a bad fall where the head is hit; objects falling onto a person’s head; and all sorts of accidents at home and at work can result in traumatic brain injury.

If you have good reason to claim compensation for brain injury you must instruct a solicitor who has experience of handling head injury compensation claims. Brain injuries are very complicated and involve different considerations from other forms of injury. Your solicitor will want to fully understand how complex your traumatic brain injury is and how it will affect your life to ensure that you get the right settlement for your compensation claim for brain injury.

A specialist solicitor will be able to put you in touch with experts who will help you to win fair and just compensation. Choosing the wrong solicitor could mean that your compensation claim is undervalued, so it makes sense to seek out a solicitor with specialist expertise in brain injury compensation claims.

It can often take quite some time to finalize a claim for traumatic brain injury because it is important to fully assess how the brain injury will affect the claimant’s future needs. Taking this time is definitely in your best interest as the full effects of traumatic brain injury can emerge over time. For example, the 'hidden disabilities' of brain injury can include changes in personality, thought processes and memory and sometimes may result in behavioural problems or seizures. These effects of traumatic brain injury may not be apparent immediately and could add an extra dimension to the settlement of your compensation claim. In most cases it should be possible to obtain an interim payment whilst your brain injury compensation claim is being processed.

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