Toys R Us Open for World Autism Awareness Week


Once again, Toys 'R' Us are opening their doors exclusively to parents and children with autism on Sunday the 29th of March between 9am and 11am to promote World Autism Awareness Week.

World Autism Awareness Week

The initiative was started last year but is now nationwide.

Creating a Calm Environment

Planned in conjunction with the National Autistic Society (NAS), Toys 'R' Us stores in the UK will be offering a calm environment where families can browse the store at their own convenience without the usual hustle and bustle.

Fluorescent lights will be dimmed, there will be no loud music, and PA announcements will be turned off. Autism friendly signage will be used to help families and children navigate their way along with other helpful plans to produce a calming environment in the store. NAS have personally had a hand in training the staff on why days like this are so important to families with autistic children.

Mike Coogan, Toys 'R' Us Marketing and E-commerce Director understood that the stores, "bright lights, tall racks, strange smells, noises and unknown people can sometimes be daunting for children affected by autism."

Try Before You Buy

Children will have the chance to try out toys before they buy them, an experience that can be daunting for both parents and children in the usual shopping environment. There are toys out there that may help to develop a child's sensory abilities, motor skills and coordination and so it could be a real worthwhile opportunity for autistic children to see and experiment with what is available in the market.

Toys bought from retailers who stock and sell items exclusively for children with special needs can be pricey so the opportunity to shop at a mainstream retailer might be a chance for parents to pick up a bargain or have a wider choice of products than they are otherwise used to.

At Simpson Millar we are pleased to see retailers acknowledging the difficulties faced by some parents and their children. We have also seen examples of cinemas and theatres making similar arrangements and hope that we will continue to see an increase in such events across a range of sectors.

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