"Toys R Us" Leeds Opens To Special Needs Children November 30


The thought of going to the shops with your autistic child can seem like a nightmare. The bright lights, strange noises, and crowds of people can send your child's sensory reactions into overdrive.

With Christmas coming up, getting out and about to do the shopping is a battle within itself, but can be made even more stressful if your child finds it difficult to cope.

For parents who do struggle to get out of the house shopping with their autistic children, Toys R Us in Leeds have come up with a solution. Between the hours of 9am and 11am on Sunday, November 30, its doors will open to allow families and their children with special needs to enjoy the store all to themselves.

Staff Training

Their staff will be provided with parent-led autism training to raise awareness. The store will also reduce their florescent lighting and turn off the music to welcome eager families. The effort that Toys R Us are going to, to accommodate children with disabilities in their local store is brilliant.

Efforts such as these are not solely for the shopping centre. There are many additional steps that can be taken inside your child's school to help them enjoy learning. A pleasant shopping trip is one thing but ensuring what they need at school is another. Many parents struggle to get support at school for their children, sometimes making it more stressful at home.

For the worried parents and children that come to us, we notice that when things at school start to improve, behaviour at home also improves. Talking to a solicitor about what help you can get for your child legally, is the best help you can give them.

Autism Friendly Leeds, a group dedicated to making Leeds a happy place for people on the autistic spectrum, worked with the store manager Geoff Robinson to make the day happen. We hope this will bring a bit of Christmas joy to the children and create a positive shopping experience for them.

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