"Toxic" Argos sofas cause skin burns to 1000s


1000s of people are to sue high street chain Argos for burns and skin complaints caused by their leather sofas.

The contaminated sofas, had been treated with chemicals to stop them going mouldy in storage. However it is these chemicals which have caused chronic skin complaints for some consumers, including burns, rashes and other violent reactions in adults, children and even domestic pets.

A collection of law firms, are planning a group action which will be the biggest customer liability claim group action in the UK. All victims have suffered a variety of skin complaints after purchasing the leather settees.

Julie Dudson of Simpson Millar LLP has handled several cases of sofa contamination, she says:

“The skin irritation comes in varying degrees. Anyone that thinks they may have an allergic reaction should visit their doctor to get the symptoms checked out, and get rid of the sofa. The retailer should pick it up and replace it. The level of compensation will depend on the severity of the symptoms. It’s important for victims to take photographs of any skin irritations to support their claim."

"If you have recently purchased a sofa and are concerned, we have a list of the contaminated sofa types below. Consumers can also call our helpline for free advice.”

Argos have stressed that they no longer sell sofas from the factory that supplied the sofas in question and customers have been told by the companies that not everyone will suffer a reaction. However the number was high enough to be called a ‘widespread outbreak’.

List of Sofas affected:
  • ARG089-14, ARG089-15, ARG089-16, ARG089-17, ARG089-18, ARG089-27, ARG089-29
  • ARG090-4, ARG090-5, ARG090-6, ARG090-7, ARG090-8
  • ARG091-1, ARG091-2, ARG091-14, ARG091-15, ARG091-16
  • ARG092-4, ARG092-5, ARG092-15, ARG092-16, ARG092-39, ARG092-40, ARG092-41, ARG092-42

For further information please see the Sofa Contamination section.

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