Too Famous for the Bus?


Mr Sam Barton, a 'reality' TV star who has undergone plastic surgery to look more like 'Joey Essex' (TOWIE), has attempted to avoid a drink driving ban by pleading guilty but arguing that he is "too famous to catch the bus".

Too famous for the bus?

Drink Driving Defences

Mr Barton was caught drink driving by police in Staffordshire and pleaded guilty. He sought legal help and believed that he could avoid losing his license by arguing he was too famous to use public transport.

The penalties for drink driving vary, but if you’re drunk in charge of the vehicle you can see 10 penalty points, disqualification for at least 12 months and an unlimited fine.

What Mr Barton can't have been aware of, is that a 12 month driving ban is mandatory if you plead guilty to driving whilst over the legal alcohol limit.

In totting up cases, where the points given have taken you over the 12 point limit, the court has discretion on whether or not to enforce a driving ban. You may be able to avoid a ban here if you argue exceptional hardship if, for example, if you wouldn’t be able to work without the use of a car. Being too famous to use the bus fails because if you are that famous you could afford a chauffeur!

Needless to say, Mr Barton has been left with an 18 month ban which will be reduced to 14 months if he agrees to attend a drink driving awareness course.

Why You Need the Right Motoring Solicitor

We're not surprised that Mr Barton’s defence failed and think that this case highlights just how important it is to get good legal advice when faced with the prospect of a drink driving prosecution.

Julie Robertson, our Partner and Head of Motoring Offences, explains the importance of getting help from a road traffic law expert;

"Although Mr Barton explains that he sought legal representation, it appears likely that he wasn’t represented by a solicitor specialising in driving offences. Arguing that your client is simply, 'too famous to get the bus' is not how to put forward successful mitigation!"

"Anyone facing prosecution for drink driving can benefit from fully informed legal support. Drink driving laws are very technical, and there is always the chance that procedural failures and mistakes were made."

If you are facing a prosecution for drink driving, it's vital that you contact an experienced motoring offences solicitor. Our driving offences team are on hand to give you quick, clear advice and support.

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