Thousands suspected to pay for undelivered care


A trip into hospital can be a worrying time for most. Even more so when the patient is an elderly individual who has, whether planned or unexpectedly, been admitted to hospital direct from a care home.

Care home feesA great number of important points will need to be considered:

  • What treatment will be needed at the hospital?
  • How long will it take?
  • Will the individual’s health deteriorate following discharge from hospital?
  • Will the care home be able to meet the individual’s needs following treatment or will this need to be provided by a new care home?
  • Will the care following discharge from hospital cost more than the current care package?
  • If the cost of care is more, how will the bills be met?

You can at least rest assured that there is no need to pay the care home whilst being cared for in hospital instead? Unfortunately, you’d be wrong to assume.

An article on "" reports residents being deprived of £700.00 per week for rooms and services they do not use whilst they are in hospital.

It makes you wonder what actually goes into your costly care package... A bedroom in which to sleep. Communal areas in which to socialise or relax. Food prepared to your pallet and a team of trained care professionals on hand 24 hours a day, to name a few.

Accommodation is in itself rather dear... but surely it has to be the provision of hands-on care that comprises the vast majority of the bill?

It is a scandal that a vulnerable, elderly individual will be charged for the entire care package, when half of the package is not enjoyed by the patient whilst he or she is in hospital. Arguably, the only cost at such a time should be that of the room itself.

The article goes on to explain that "unfortunately, care providers include everything in one set price. There has to be a debate over categorising each element of the cost – then it would be easier to say which services you are still getting and those which you are not."

Each care provider will look at an individual’s request for a reduced fee during hospitalisation and clearly some institutions may look more favourably at the request than others. However, a flat denial and confirmation that the full fee must be paid seems to be the norm.

There is no requirement that a care home offer a reduced fee during periods of hospitalisation. Indeed, it is important to ask. That said, NHS Continuing Healthcare Funding may remove the worry altogether. Whether you or your loved one are receiving care at home, in a care home or in hospital, you can enquire with us to see if you/they are eligible for NHS continuing care funding to meet the full cost of care. This like the NHS service is free provided the patient is able to show they have a primary health care need. Our team will be happy to advise whether you have a chance of securing full funding.

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