Thousands get the wrong Diabetes diagnosis


It’s been brought to light that up to 100,000 people in England have been told they have diabetes when they don’t, or have been diagnosed with the wrong type of diabetes.

This medical negligence could have a devastating effect on those wrongly diagnosed, or lifestyle-affecting changes on patients told they have diabetes when they haven’t got the condition.

Wrongly diagnosed with diabetes – Medical Negligence Today Legal

Diabetes is increasingly recognised as “a very complex condition” but the results of a review of five GP practices in Surrey, if rolled out to take in other regions, suggests that about 70 patients per 500 per GP register need to be looked at for some kind of diabetes diagnosis error.

Currently there are two million people in England who have been diagnosed with diabetes, whilst another million have the disease but don’t know it. The source of the mistakes relating to diabetes is being blamed on data information errors and even a lack of understanding amongst doctors and their staff.

The “most widespread misunderstanding” was changing a patient’s diagnosis from Type 2 to Type 1 diabetes, which could have real impact as the use of insulin is different for both Types, and so patients could be put at risk.

Pav Kalsi, clinical adviser at Diabetes UK, said: "This new report draws attention to a serious issue about misdiagnosis, classification and coding of diabetes in the UK."

"It is vital that people are diagnosed correctly so they can receive the best course of treatment and care.”

If a diabetes misdiagnosis has affected your life, you may be entitled to claim medical negligence compensation.

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