Thinking Of Making A Primary School Admissions Appeal?


Yesterday was National Offer Day, which confirmed to parents across the UK whether their child had been accepted into their preferred primary school of choice.

Children at School

For many, the waiting period can be a tough time – getting the right education for your child is really important, and it doesn't begin the second they walk through the doors on their first day; lots of leg work goes into finding and applying to the right school for your child's needs.

Primary school is where your child will spend much of their time during formative years, they will learn all the academics, but social skills too. A lot of thought goes into picking the right school, attending open days, and perfecting applications.

How Do I Make An Appeal?

For many parents, even considering an appeal can be daunting, so it's best to inform yourself on what exactly will happen if you do decide to make an appeal:

  • An Independent Appeal Panel (IAP) will look into whether your child's place was unreasonably refused and if any mistakes were made
  • When there are more pupils than places, the school can use their own admission criteria to narrow down who they accept. Often, the panel look at the criteria the school applied to see if this was fair
  • In cases where your child has special educational needs (SEN), you must go through a different appeals process, even if you have applied to a mainstream school. Your appeal will need to be to the Special Educational Needs Tribunal rather than the Independent Appeal Panel. This makes sure that your child's needs are given greater weight

Our partner specialising in Education Law, Imogen Jolley, comments:

"It can be stressful and upsetting if your child hasn't been accepted to the right school for their educational needs. This, coupled with facing an appeal by yourself can be very daunting. Getting the right legal advice can help make this process much easier for you and give you a greater chance of getting into the school of your choice."

Simpson Millar Can Help You

All parents want the very best for their child, especially when it comes to education. You might have received the news that your child has been allocated a place at a school that is not right for them.

If you're not sure that your child was unfairly denied a place, our team at Simpson Millar are on hand and can help with your appeal. For more information on the appeal process, take a look at our completely free guide to the admissions and appeals process that will answer your questions.

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