The NHS Complaint’s Process


Set out below is a quick guide to the NHS complaint's process. Further information in relation to making a hospital complaint can be found here.

Time limits: A claim must be brought within 1 year of treatment/procedure the cause for concern.

Procedure: The complaint must be in writing and should be directed to the department which deals with complaints.

What happens after I make a Complaint to the Hospital?

The Trust will investigate and reach a conclusion about the complaint, which will be set out in a decision letter. The investigation should involve the complainant (you), sometimes a meeting between all concerned will be suggested as a way to resolve the issue/s.

If the complainant (you) remains unhappy you can ask for the complaint to be referred for further Investigation. The complaint will then be looked at again; the outcome may or may not be the same. The Trust would provide information as to how to do this.

There may or may not be a medical negligence claim arising out of the circumstances, which lead to the complaint.

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