The New Consumer Rights Act - Know Your Rights


Following on from National Consumer Week 2015 we're looking at the changes to consumer rights law in recent months. With the Christmas shopping well under way for most of us, now is a better time than ever to make sure you've scrubbed up on your rights as a consumer!

The New Consumer Rights Act - Know Your Rights

Consumer Rights Now More Generous

New consumer protection measures including a right to a full refund for up to 30 days after purchase come into force from October 1st this year, but many people still don't know about these changes.

In the past a refund would only be given within a reasonable period but now if the product is faulty then the consumer has the right to a full refund within 30 days of purchase. This is good news for you as a consumer.
With many of our Christmas and birthday gifts now consisting of digital belongings, such as e-books and online music and films, it's about time that the law has caught up with us. For the first time, under the new Consumer Rights Act buyers will entitled to a full refund if digital content goods are deemed faulty. So, for example, if the downloaded content corrupts your computer with a virus, the supplier will be responsible to pay compensation to have the virus removed.

The new Act also extends to second hand goods purchased from a retailer. It extends to the purchase of services such as car repairs, manicures and haircuts. Providers of such service who do not carry out the work with reasonable care as agreed with the customer will be required to put things right or give your money back.

An Individual Consumer Ombudsman

In case of dispute consumers will be able to refer matters to alternative dispute resolution (ADR) providers in the first instance such as going to a Consumer Ombudsman,  but to do so the retailer will need to have signed up to an ADR provider. This does not take away from the right to resort to Court proceedings; this is where we can step in to help!

This week the Citizens Advice Bureau have also launched a campaign to make sure you 'Know your New Rights' which includes an education pack for trainers, community educators and local Citizens Advice Bureau's to use to educate others on the changes.

We hope that the new laws will achieve the aim of making it easier for consumers to understand their rights. We have a team of lawyers who are able to assist you with consumer protection issues and we would be happy to help.

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