The Independent Living Fund


The Independent Living Fund (ILF) provides extra money to disabled people in addition to the benefits they receive so that they can afford care and choose to live in their communities rather than in residential care.

Independant Living Fund - Closed in England

Those people that receive ILF are usually some of the most severely disabled people, such as those with cerebral palsy.

A Backward Step

As of today, July 1, in what has been called a backward step, it will no longer exist in England – provision has been made by Scotland, Ireland and Wales for the ILF to continue.

People who currently receive financial assistance from the ILF will now receive all of their support from the local council. The government currently provides local councils with £300m for the ILF but not only is this being reduced to £262m but the money being transferred to the local authority doesn't have to be ring-fenced which means that local authorities could actually spend it on other things.

Further Cuts?

What concerns people the most is that the government has refused to ring fence the money on the basis that to do so would prevent local authorities from, "servicing local needs in a flexible and responsive way". This could simply be interpreted as another way for the government to make further cuts to social care.

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