The First National Pothole Day - Small But Damaging


The British roads are suffering from chronic under-investment and a lack of some good TLC.

Potholes don't just cause a bumpy ride and a bit of general wear and tear though, they can sometimes cause serious damage and even injury. The fault reporting app StreetRepairs recently declared January 15th, National Pothole Day to raise awareness.

Why Is Awareness Needed?

Colder winters, flooding and a higher volume of traffic all contribute to further degradation. Austerity has also taken its toll, as it is estimated that a £12 billion investment is needed to bring the roads back into a reasonable state, according to the Asphalt Industry Alliance in 2014. Not only this, but if they were given the money they needed, it would still take around 12 years to catch up at the current rate work is being done.

We all know the jolts in the road can affect the lifespan of your vehicle, but what about more sudden, immediate and serious damage?

As well as vehicle damage, several have come to us when they tripped over a pothole whilst on foot. This is particularly a problem for the elderly, who already have enough problems around the winter period.

Why Do Apps Help Solve This Problem?

StreetRepairs is a fault reporting app that allows road users and practically anyone to report a number of issues to the organisation responsible for dealing with the problem. The main use for the app is related to potholes, and so taking a picture of the issue and describing where it is will mean that it is sent to the appropriate council so that they can arrange for repairs to be carried out.

This is also an important issue legally. If a pothole isn't reported to the local authority, they may have a defence if the pothole causes damage or harm and then a compensation claim is made. This is why it is crucial that everyone looks out for one another.

You can now report faults via this app through our website.

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