The Doctors who failed to spot a broken spine


A 70 year old man died after doctors failed to diagnose a broken spine.

Neville Caplan was babysitting his grandchildren when he tripped over. He was taken to Wythenshawe Hospital where doctors failed to note his back injury even though his long-term spinal condition made him even more susceptible to back injuries.

Neville was diagnosed with mild pneumonia, broken ribs and a sprained ankle and sent home with painkillers and antibiotics.

Five days later Neville was admitted to Greater Manchester General Hospital after suffering breathing difficulties and pressure on his spinal cord.

Two doctors and a radiologist again failed to spot his condition. It was only 2 weeks later that scans eventually revealed his broken spine and pressure on his spinal cord.

By this time Neville was too ill to be transferred to Hope Hospital in Salford and sadly died from his injuries 3 days later.

If Neville’s condition had been spotted when he attended Wythenshawe Hospital the outcome could have been very different. His condition could have been treatable by surgical intervention.

Mr Caplan’s family are devastated by the death of their father and are taking legal action to seek compensation for the gross medical negligence that occurred.

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