The Challenges Faced by Parents with Children with a Disability


When a child is born parents will often find it difficult to adjust to their life with their new bundle of joy. But when parents discover their child has a disability the parents have to adjust and accept things will never be the same again.

Young girl with SEN

It is important at an early stage to know where to go for help. Support can come in different forms from different places. It may be in the form of medical treatment from specialist doctors or from charities offering emotional support to parents.

Some parents require help with caring for their child as their condition requires round the clock care. This will usually take place in the form of a care package.

What is a Care Package?

A care package is a number of services put together to meet the child’s specific needs after an assessment has taken place. It details exactly what you or your child needs to provide the best quality of life. Assessments are undertaken by local authorities and are crucial to getting the right care and support.

What's Included in a Care Package?

A care package can comprise of a number of services including physiotherapy, occupational therapy and speech therapy. Choosing the right components for your child's care package is vital to how effectively it will aid your child.

Early treatment is recommended if your child has cerebral palsy. Processes they can learn from a early age will give them the creative skills, if possible, to dress themselves, mobilise, communicate and interact with other children.

Physiotherapy and occupational therapy are essential features of any care package.

Therapy can help with:
  • Improving movement and posture
  • Strengthening muscles
  • Pain management
  • Supporting fine motor hand skills
  • Advice on major and minor home modifications

Support in Schools

As your child's needs will be assessed in detail, choosing their school is best done after the local authority has carried out their assessment. Finding the right school for your child is essential.

An important part of any care package is interacting with the child's school. The school will ensure that certain elements of the care package such as speech and language therapy are incorporated into the school day.

There are a number of support networks for parents, for example Stick 'n' Step and Scope for children with cerebral palsy. Children with autism and Down's Syndrome can also benefit from the provisions provided in a care package. The Down's Syndrome Association and Autism West Midlands are two examples of charities that work closely with families to provide educational and social support.

Knowing you are not alone when you find out your child has a disability is often one of the most heart warming feelings a parent can get. Feeling confident in your choices gives the additional reassurance you need on the path to receiving support.

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