The British University Fair for International Students – Your Questions Answered


On the 31st October, you can get the chance to attend a seminar hosted by our immigration law specialist Emma Brooksbank at the British University Fair in Manchester.

The British University Fair for International Students – Your Questions Answered

The free event has been organised by IEC Abroad, an education consultancy that provides guidance to international students, and will give you the opportunity to meet UK universities and attend seminars that can help answer your questions.

Emma specialises in all areas of immigration law, on the day, you’ll get to find out in particular about Sponsored Work under Tier 2 and the Points Based System. By coming along you’ll get to ask our legal advisers anything – but in the meantime, you can check out the questions we’re asked regularly.

Q. I would like to start an undergraduate degree course in the UK, can my wife and children live with me in the UK while I am studying?

A. As a general rule, your dependents can only join you in the UK while you are studying if you are studying at postgraduate level on a course which is 12 months or longer in duration. This would apply to students studying a Masters or PhD qualification, but not an undergraduate degree. There are some exceptions which include students who are government sponsored and who are undertaking a course which is over six months in duration or students on the Doctorate Extension Scheme. If your wife and children can join you in the UK, they will be granted entry clearance and leave to remain for the same period as you, or for three years, whichever is shorter.

Q. I am considering commencing a Master’s degree at a UK university. I would like to gain some work experience while I am living in the UK. Will I be permitted to work while I am studying for my degree?

A. If you are studying at degree level or above, you will be permitted to work for 20 hours per week in term time. You can work full time during holiday times. If you are studying at below degree level, you can only work for 10 hours per week during term time and full time during holiday times. You can also undertake a work placement if it is part of your course, as long as it will not take up more than one third of the total length of your course or no more than half the total length of your course if you are studying at degree level or above.

Q. I have current leave to remain in the UK as a student under Tier 4. I work part time. My employer would like to offer me a job. Can I extend my leave to allow me to accept the job offer.

A. Yes, you can make an application to extend your leave on to Tier 2 for Sponsored Work. Your employer will need to hold a sponsor’s licence. We can check this for you. The job will need to be a graduate role. You will need to be offered at least £20,800 gross per annum, possibly more if the Code of Practice for the role specifies a higher salary rate. Again, we can confirm the appropriate salary for your role. Your employer may need to advertise the role and offer it to a resident worker if one is available, unless the role is a shortage occupation.

This will be an in-country leave to remain application. We can complete this for you under our Application Management Service. Alternatively, if you would like to complete the application yourself, we can support you by providing a checklist of documents and by checking your completed application for you, to reassure, before you send it to the Home Office. You can use our Application Checking Service to do this. 

Come and see us at the British University Fair

Emma will be going through many more of the legal hurdles you may face as an international student. If you'd like to hear more about how to navigate the complex immigration rules and speak to the experts, you can take part in the seminar which is on between 1.30p-2.15pm in the Exchange Hall.

We look forward to seeing you there!


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