The All Inclusive Report – What Does it Say?


On March 24th the All Inclusive Research Report will be released by Tourism Concern, a charity focussed on ethical tourism. Whilst the full contents of the report are yet to be released, we do know that it criticises the working conditions at holiday resorts, which impacts on surrounding areas.

Holiday Hotel

While you may be paying for quality, the tour operator's bottom line has to come from somewhere.

The Bottom Line

One of the points we took home from the report is simple - if the holiday is cheap, how do they make money? It's pure economics based on three things:

  • How much you sell the holiday for
  • How many holidays you can sell
  • How much it costs you to offer each holiday

Imagine you're a travel agent and you want to sell a holiday as cheaply as possible, so many will buy it. To stay in business you need to sell a lot, and each holiday must cost you as little as possible.

So how do you ensure you can keep your costs low?

  • You pay the staff less money
  • You spend less on maintenance
  • You buy your goods from a cheaper supplier

What's Wrong With This?

If you pay the staff less money, they may be less experienced, therefore the service suffers. Maybe they won't clean things properly, which leads to poor hygiene all round.

If you spend less on maintenance, your place starts to look a little dirty and decrepit. Things start to get a bit jagged or even slippery.

If you buy your goods from a cheap supplier, you are more than likely to trade cost for quality. Maybe your food isn't kept to the same standards, or is a bit off by the time it gets to you.

Unfortunately, the bottom line can often mean you as the traveller, is the unfortunate victim of a holiday accident or illness. Poor standards of food hygiene or health and safety can result in your holiday being ruined.

If you ever feel that you've experienced anything like this as the result of the 'bottom line', don't hesitate to contact us for free advice on making a claim.

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