Telecoms Engineer claims compensation for work related hearing loss


Ricki James, Hearing Loss Claims Expert at Cardiff based Simpson Millar LLP has recently assisted a client who wished to claim compensation for noise induced hearing loss following his work as a BT engineer.

Our client's main duties whilst working as an engineer included using oscillators and amplifiers when changing cables over. This equipment produces loud tones into a headset as well as feedback. Our client used this equipment for long periods during an average working day and at no time was he given any warnings about the dangers of exposure to excessive noise and the impact it could have on his hearing in later life.

Tinnitus cure and hearing loss compensation claims

Over the year's our client noticed a gradual decline in his hearing but thought this was due to his age, however, in 2008 he became away that his hearing difficulties may be attributable to exposure to noise during his employment and he instructed Simpson Millar LLP to investigate and pursue a compensation claim on his behalf.

An ENT surgeon confirmed that our client was suffering from bilateral hearing loss accompanied by moderate to severe bilateral tinnitus and concluded that his condition was caused by prolonged and excessive exposure to noise during the course of his employment wit BT.

Following protracted negotiations and discussions over liability with the other side a settlement was reached in the sum of £13,000 compensation which our client accepted.

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