Teenager suffers spinal injury whilst playing rugby


A 14-year-old boy suffered a serious spinal injury when playing rugby at school. This has provoked Dr David Allan, Scotland's leading spinal injuries expert to call for an urgent investigation as this boy is the 6th youth in 3 years to suffer serious injury.

The pupil at Stewart's Melville College in Edinburgh is said to have lost the use of one arm after another player trampled on this neck during a rugby game. Dr Allan said that authorities must stop the dangerous mismatches between adolescent teams before more teenagers are crippled.

Dr Allan said: "The frequency of spinal injuries in Scotland has increased in recent years, with around one every 4 months now as opposed to one every 3 years a decade ago."

"It might be a statistical freak, but it is incredibly high. We think there is a mismatch between players as even though rugby is a physical game with some degree of inherent risk, many accidents could be avoided."

"Mismatches occur in weight, experience and physical development. You can get a boy in 4th year playing a boy in 6th year eg man vs child. Dr Allan and the Scottish Rugby Union are hoping to work together and look at a range of options to try and combat this problem.

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