Teenage Girls Jailed For Kidnapping A Toddler


The Law Of... protecting our children from kidnapping

In a harrowing case of child abduction, 2 teenage girls, aged 13 and 14, pleaded guilty to kidnapping a toddler from Primark in Newcastle and have been sentenced to 3 years and 3 months in custody.

Teenage girls jailed for kidnapping a toddler

The girls' lawyer claimed that their actions were influenced by an older, unnamed man, who convinced them kidnap the toddler.

Reports suggest that both teenagers had been intentionally waiting in Primark for hours for a chance to abduct a child, and had even attempted to kidnap another child in the store before they successfully lured the toddler away.

Playing Innocent

The police found disturbing evidence proving that both teens' actions were in fact premeditated. Prior to the kidnapping incident, both girls had searched for illegal and explicit content on the internet 1,185 times – with 402 of these searches being pornographic in nature – which contained "increasing levels of violence, references to exploitation, slavery, torment, abduction, and child sex."

To prevent the toddler's mother suspecting any foul play, both teens had been playing with the child in front of her mother, before using sweets to distract the child and slipping away with her. They even tried to disguise the little girl once they had her, keeping her attention on them by saying "Don't worry, we'll get you to your mummy."

Justice For Crimes Against Children

The toddler's representative, Barrister Julie Clemitson, commented that whilst the teens "may have been influenced by what was said online…what they did that day was of their own volition."

After the court was shown CCTV footage of the girls on that day, the prosecutor, Sarah Barlow, described their behaviour as "quite co-ordinated", with "a degree of planning."

Mr Justice Globe concluded that the teens' actions had "evil intent" and that the toddler would have been harmed by them or someone else, had she not been found by the police less than 2 hours later.

Neither of the girls showed any signs of remorse for their actions as they were led away.

Peter Garsden, Head Of Department For Abuse Claims, Comments:

"Unfortunately, society has become predisposed to violence, which has filtered down to the younger generations via the media, films, games, and music. It's become easy for predators to get to children through the internet and for children to access all types of illegal content online."

"Regardless of outside influences, their actions can in no way be excused or condoned. By law, children between 10-17 years of age can be arrested and taken to court if they commit a crime. Due to their age, they are treated differently to adults who have broken the law, and if they're found guilty they can be made to serve sentences in centres for young people only."

"It's deeply saddening to see cases where children intend to inflict any form of pain or violence upon an innocent child, and their punishment will hopefully deter others from doing the same thing."

"Suffering from abuse at the hands of others can leave victims with a myriad of psychological issues, which may affect their development – even at a young age. For anyone who needs advice about how to deal with cases of abuse or information about what kind of legal action they can take, we can help them find the justice and closure they need to help them move on."

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