Teen dies after savage dog attack in Manchester


A teenager who died at a house in Greater Manchester was thought to have been the victim of an attack by 4 or 5 "aggressive and out of control" dogs.

Dog Attack

The body of Jade Anderson was found at a house in Atherton on Tuesday 26 March. The 14 year-old had been visiting the property when she was confronted by 4 dogs, believed to be 2 bull mastiffs and 2 Staffordshire bull terriers.

Neighbours said the teenager had been visiting a friend whose family kept the animals. However, Jade was understood to be otherwise alone in the house.

Police sharpshooters later killed the 4 dogs, while a 5th animal was contained at the house.

According to Greater Manchester Police, Jade had sustained injuries "consistent with having been attacked by dogs".

Supt Mark Kenny said the service was working to find out what precisely had happened. "I understand this is an extremely distressing incident for all concerned. There will be a significant police presence in the area, which will remain this evening. We will be there to carry out an investigation and address any concerns residents may have."

Supt Kenny confirmed that a police Family Liaison Officer was looking after Jade's family. "Our response is now 2-fold: to continue to provide whatever support is necessary to the family, alongside a painstaking investigation to establish the truth of what happened.

"With that in mind we still have a small scene at the house and residents will continue to see an increased police presence in the coming days."

Friends of Jade talked of a "quiet" teenager, who is thought to have returned to the house with a meat pie she had just bought from local shops.

"10 minutes after it happened we were talking to the daughter of the dog's owners," said one teenager. "Jade had a pie in her hand and has gone to bite it, she moved the pie and the dog's gone for her throat and then they have all gone for her."

Another friend mentioned the dogs' size and aggression. "Every time you walk past the house they would be barking and barking and going mad."

Police hope to know more about how the tragedy occurred after the post mortem, due to be carried out. "Part of the investigation will look at the breed of dogs, which have yet to be confirmed," Supt Kenny said.

According to a recent parliamentary report by the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs Committee, 7 people, among them 5 youngsters, have been killed by dogs on private properties in the past 5 years.

The report noted that over £3m is spent annually by the health service in treating serious injuries from dog attacks. It went on to assert that the present law has been unable to address irresponsible ownership of aggressive dogs.

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