Taxi Driver Dodging Points Isn't Fare


The recent story about a taxi driver who attempted to 'dodge' penalty points in order to spare his clean driving licence being tarnished is surprisingly more common than you think.

Taxi driver provides false information and pays price
However, the story demonstrated that making a false driver nomination is not the way to try to avoid penalty points. It's important to seek legal advice as soon as possible, and prior to completing any paperwork that is received from the Police or 'Central Ticket Office'. A specialist Motoring Offence Solicitor can advise you regarding potential defences and can therefore help you legally maximise your prospects of avoiding penalty points.

Crucially we will never advise you to nominate someone who you know was not driving and will always warn of the consequences, if the person seeking advice suggests that this is what they intend to do. Whether this would have made a difference to the cabbie in this story is something which can only invite speculation.

Police Acutely Aware

People often assume that the police will not check the details of a false driver nomination. However, due to the high incidents of this behaviour being committed, they are acutely aware of the temptation. Some drivers have nominated deceased relatives, friends, or as in this case, acquaintances who are no longer living within the UK.

To some, a driving licence may be a precious commodity that they strive to protect at all costs. However, what starts as a motoring offence in these cases can soon become a criminal offence – perverting the course of justice – in the event of a false driver nomination being given.

A prison sentence, whether suspended or immediate, is almost always the punishment imposed by a court in perverting the course of justice cases, due to the need for public deterrence. Whilst 3 penalty points or so may not cost a motorist their job, a perverting the course of justice conviction could and it is simply not worth taking this risk!

Devastating Consequences

Having represented people who have been falsely nominated I have experience of the devastating effect to someone's livelihood and licence that a false nomination can cause. It is often costly and highly stressful for them to defend their case on the basis that they were not the driver and that their details were given falsely.

If you have received a notice of intended prosecution and would rather not incur the points do not make a false nomination. It is simply not worth it.

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