Switching Off - Do We Still Know How To Go On Holiday?


It's no secret that there's now 'an app for everything', but are we so hooked to the digital world that we just don't know how to enjoy a holiday anymore? It wasn't long ago that you needed to buy a postcard to keep in touch with people on holiday (yet you somehow beat it back to the UK), or use a payphone.

Digital Smart Phone

It was even less time ago that you needed to pay a small fortune to use your mobile abroad.

This weekend is the digital detox, which sets the challenge of ditching your smartphone, tablet, social media, and google maps. So if you are going away anytime soon, maybe it's time to dig out those postcards again?

Holiday? Or Working Abroad?

According to the Financial Services Compensation Scheme, 31% of British holidaymakers make contact with work, whether by phone, text, or email. Surprisingly, 11% push the boat out further by contacting work at least once a day!

Anti-Social Media

It's understandable to want to share memories with people or maybe even have a catch up with some friends and family half way through your holiday. But are you spending more time looking at your phone rather than soaking in the sights and the holiday experience?

A quarter of 18-44 year olds with a smartphone cannot recall a time in their day when their phone was not in reach, or at least in the same room. If this applies abroad, maybe you should ease off messaging friends and uploading images (at least until you get back!) and perhaps use your smartphone for other things. For example:

  • Using consumer review apps such as Tripadvisor to find new restaurants and attractions that come recommended – you don't want to end up with a holiday illness because you didn't know who to trust
  • Use your location services and GPS in order to navigate your way through bustling towns, and get to know the country you're in – If you find yourself fed up with the other guests at your hotel, why not go somewhere they don't go?
  • Use local websites to book excursions and travel tickets – Tourists can end up ripping themselves off simply because they don't know how to find a bargain in a foreign country, act like a local to find what locals find
  • Translators won't have you fluently communicating with the locals, but they can help you with some obvious questions, or working out what a sign says

Cheaper to Rome?

With the astronomic fall of roaming charges across the EU, it will perhaps encourage even more to use their smartphones abroad. Will this make you think harder about your digital detox? If you can't join in this weekend, why not use you holiday as an excuse to escape technology?

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