Suspected Food Poisoning as 50 Children Fall Ill on a School Trip


This week 50 children and staff on a residential school trip to Belgium and France fell ill with a suspected outbreak of food poisoning. The year 11 group are from Guiseley School in Leeds.

Suspected Food Poisoning as 50 Children Fall Ill on a School Trip

The suspected food poisoning was so severe that as their bus entered the ferry port; an emergency plan was triggered meaning many of the children were sent to 7 different hospitals in Belgium for treatment.

Acting co-head teacher of the Guiseley School, Paul Clayton, has said that; "While their conditions are not thought to be serious or contagious, as a precaution, they were kept in hospital and monitored overnight". It has also been released that many of the children have now been discharged from hospital and the group are expected back in Leeds soon after.

Clear Cause of Illness Yet to be Found

Sickness and diarrhoea often happens if you travel abroad and stay at package holiday resorts, all inclusive hotels or if you eat at buffet style restaurants. The cause of the illness outbreak on this school trip is not yet known, however, Belgian news reports said that the group were suffering from food poisoning.

Giving Answers to Concerned Families

Nick Harris, our Head of International Travel Law suggests Red Cross involvement and the fact that the children were sent to many different hospitals was the main cause for concern:

"In the absence of verifiable information from the outset, families in Leeds understandably feared for the health of their children."

"Clearly an investigation is needed to confirm the precise nature of the illness and why it should affect so many people on the same trip at the same time."

"All the evidence so far points to food poisoning, which could lead to substantial claims for compensation."

Gastric illnesses should be taken very seriously, as they can sometimes go on to cause life-long complications as a result. It's hoped that the cause of this illness can be ascertained to help prevent incidents like this in future and so that the children affected can seek redress for the harm they have suffered.

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