Surgical pin left inside pregnant woman raises questions about NHS maternity care


A mother-to-be who found a pin emerging from her belly believes the needle was left behind following surgery 3 years before.

Pregnant Woman Medical Negligence Claim

Doctors assured Kelly Donegan she was safe after the 26 year-old, who is shortly expecting her 4th baby, detected a needle-like sensation on the left side of her stomach.

On noticing a small bump close to her unborn child, Ms Donegan raised the issue with her doctor, who said she should not be concerned.

When a surgical pin later pierced her skin in the same place, Ms Donegan reasoned that the needle had been left inside her in 2009 after surgery to remove her appendix.

"My stomach is getting bigger and bigger and all the pressure must have forced it out," said Ms Donegan, who lives in Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire.

Despite causing pain, the needle cannot be extracted until Ms Donegan has given birth.

"They can't even do an X-ray to see how much of the thing is inside me because X-rays are dangerous for pregnant women," she said.

Although Ms Donegan has been assured her child is safe, another operation and general anaesthetic is likely to be needed post-natal to extract the needle.

"All they can do until then is trim the sharp end off it so it doesn't catch on things," said Ms Donegan. "It's horrible and it's also quite sore. But there's nothing I can do except wait."

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