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The Law Of… keeping families together  

For parents whose children who are undergoing medical treatment away from home, Ronald McDonald House Charities offers a crucial lifeline.

John Pratley, Head of Family Services, explains how Simpson Millar is working with Ronald McDonald House Charities to provide support for families in need.

Raising Awareness Of Ronald McDonald Houses

Ronald McDonald Houses offer free accommodation throughout the year to the families of children who are receiving treatment in hospital.

Each house is located near to 1 of the 14 specialist children's hospitals across the UK, giving parents and carers the chance to stay close to their loved ones, as well as making sure that children never have to face their treatment alone.

Keen to help raise awareness of the life-changing support the charity provides, Simpson Millar's Amanda Davis, David Thomas, Ross Smith, and Cihan Huseyin attended an open day on Friday 7th April 2017.

Hosted by Lambeth Palace Garden, the event was packed with fun entertainment, food and drink, and unique craft stalls.

"The day was a huge success", John comments. "The charity managed to raise

£3,900, which is fantastic!"

A Home Away From Home

Spending time away from home can place a great deal of financial and emotional strain on families, who are desperate to be with their child at every step of their treatment.

Last year, Ronald McDonald Houses helped to relieve some of this pressure by providing a living space to over 7,000 families in the UK.

We're passionate about making sure that families stay together at one of the most difficult times of their lives, which is why on Monday 10th April 2017, the charity was presented with a cheque of £6,000. This will cover the costs of a bedroom for a family for one year.

"Simpson Millar is proud to support a charity such as Ronald McDonald House Charities, as it offers access to medical care and support for families of children who are very ill", John says.

"We are sponsoring a room called Parliament Square, and when visiting the house, Amanda and I were made so very welcome."

"We chose one of the few rooms that has wheelchair access and hoists around the room to cater for the needs of children and/or their carers who have physical disabilities that limit their mobility."

"There are vibrating pillows for people who have hearing difficulties and are unable to hear the telephone or alarm clock, but who might need to be woken in an emergency during the night. The phones in the room are linked to the children’s ward, so parents and carers can have a direct link to their children."

John Comments:

"Being separated from family and having to undergo medical treatment in an unfamiliar place is a terrifying experience for any child – one that they should never have to go through on their own."

"Without Ronald McDonald Houses, it wouldn't be possible for a lot of families to provide the love and support that their children need throughout their treatment."

"We have a responsibility to make sure that they can continue their work, and our donation is a way of showing our appreciation for what they do."

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