Support Group for Grandparents Launch on Wednesday 22nd October


A British Social Attitudes survey revealed that 63% of grandparents with grandchildren under the age of 16 provide them with care when their parents are not present.

The Grandparents Association

This may not seem surprising as the number of grandparents stepping in as carers and kinship care has been on the increase for a while. There is support out there for grandparents who care regularly for their grandchildren, not just legally but also emotionally.

Launch of a New Support Group

A new group to support grandparents is being launched on Wednesday October 22, covering the Sutton Coldfield and Erdington area in Birmingham. Sarah Dewey, a Grandparents' Association volunteer and a grandparent herself, is setting up the group to help grandparents with peer support, information, and a chance to socialise.

It is possible for grandparents to become isolated from their friendship groups if they fail to understand the emotional day-to-day implications of taking on a 'parenting' role for their grandchildren. Grandparents are also missed out of the equation when families split up, preventing them from seeing their grandchildren or having any future contact with them at all.

The increase of 'skipped generation' households in which grandparents and grandchildren live under the same roof without the parent present are on the increase, reflecting the need for more information on kinship care.

Approximately 1 in 77 children cannot grow up living with their birth parents, the reasons for which are many. There is also evidence to show that children who stay with their family benefit much more than those who are taken away from them, but this then leaves the kinship carer with many other things to consider. If your grandchild lives with you in an informal kinship care arrangement, you will not receive any financial or practical support. This can create obvious problems in the immediate future and also further down the line.

Getting Support

It is important for the right help and support to be communicated to grandparents who do take on a kinship care role. They may have to deal with issues such as finances, supporting the child through the transition and taking care of themselves emotionally, so they're strong enough to take on the role.

Professionals and grandparents are invited to the launch at Chester Road Baptist Church. Parveen Attri, an Associate from our Birmingham office, will be attending the launch to provide grandparents with information about the support the law can give them if they are raising their grandchildren full-time.

Parveen helps grandparents secure special orders for grandparents who want to formalise their kinship care arrangements.

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