Supermarket slip accident victim receives compensation


We recently helped a client obtained compensation following a slipping accident at a well known supermarket chain. Our client received £12,000 in damages for his personal injuries.

Our client was shopping in a supermarket in Bromley and whilst walking down one of the aisles he slipped on a number of grapes that has been left on the floor and he fell sustaining injuries.

Supermarket Slip – Personal Injury Compensation Claim

He suffered a rotator cuff tear to his right shoulder. He underwent treatment by way of injections, physiotherapy and hydrotherapy, but due to ongoing symptoms he had an MRI scan and surgery to repair the rotator cuff tear. He had to take 3 months of work following surgery to recover along with extensive physiotherapy sessions. He has been left with minor permanent weaknesses in his shoulder.

The supermarket chain admitted liability for our client's injury. When calculating compensation it was proven by medical evidence that the accident had accelerated symptoms of a pre-existing condition by a period of 3 years.

Gary Tierney, Personal Injury Lawyer in London based Simpson Millar said: "This is another claim against a supermarket who have a duty of care under the Occupiers Liability Act to keep their aisles free from obstruction and from articles which may cause a lawful visitor to slip or trip."

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