Summertime On The Roads: A Question and Answer Session With Our Experts


The summer months see us dealing with more and more people looking for legal advice because of a road traffic accident. With many people choosing to take advantage of the sun and go on extended breaks, we often see a build up of traffic in the usual hot spots, which can inevitably cause accidents.

Summertime on the Roads - A Question and Answer Session with Our Experts

Whatever your situation, if you're unfortunate enough to get caught up in a road traffic accident this summer, what should you do? We asked Head of Road Traffic Accidents and Partner, Susan Vanden.

A car was following too closely behind me in traffic on the motorway and it crashed into the back of my car, can I make a claim?

Tailgating is when the car behind doesn't leave the correct stopping distance, and it is a major cause of accidents on the motorway. Last year, Direct Line found the major tailgating hotspots to include sections of the M1 near Brent Cross, and the M42 near Solihull. They also found that the cost of tailgating accidents is up to £129 million per year.

Tailgating is one of the leading causes of RTAs

Often, it is the car that crashes into the back of another that is at fault for failing to leave space. There have been some cases where cars brake suddenly in the absence of any hazard, whereby the car in front is found to be partly responsible.

Traffic on the motorway, irresponsible driving, middle lane hogging and tailgating are all actions that can result in people being injured in a road accident. If this happens to you, it is important to get legal advice.

I was on the bus on my way to the airport and it was involved in a collision, I hit the chair in front and was badly injured. Can I claim, even though I was a passenger on public transport?

People often don't realise that you are still entitled to make a claim for compensation even though your injury was sustained on public transport.

Getting injured on public transport can still lead to a claim

We recently worked with a client who was injured when the bus she was on had to brake in an emergency. Even though we initially didn't have either the name of the bus company or the registration number, we were still able to secure our client £2,205 in compensation for her injuries.

Other forms of public transport you can also make claims for your injuries include on trams, trains, planes and also taxis.

I was injured in a road traffic accident abroad, is it possible to claim?

When you travel abroad this summer, you might want to go on coach tours, get a taxi, or hire a car to be able to explore on your own. But what if things go wrong and you get injured in a road traffic accident abroad?

You can still make a compensation claim for being injured abroad

What many people don't know is that you can still make a compensation claim for injuries sustained in a road accident even if you're abroad. You may be worried about how it's possible to make a claim, and if you need to make it whilst you're abroad.

Our solicitors are able to work on cases that are based both in the UK and abroad to help secure compensation for injuries you have suffered.

I was a passenger in a car accident and I think that the driver could have been drunk, can I still claim for my injuries?

During the summer, more people drive out to country pubs to enjoy the sunshine. Agreeing to a lift when you suspect the driver could be drunk is never a wise idea, but this doesn't mean you're not entitled to make a claim if you suffer an injury.

Passengers of drink drivers are seen as the innocent party and so are entitled to compensation

Passengers in road traffic accidents often receive full compensation and are seen as the innocent party. However, if you knew the driver was drunk, you could be held to be contributorily negligent and you may see your compensation settlement reduced.

Speaking to a road traffic accident solicitor is important if you've been involved in this kind of accident so as to ensure that you get a fair amount of compensation for your injuries.

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