SUMMER 2015 UPDATE: Is Illness spreading at another Holiday Village – Cala Millor?


UPDATE July 3 – We have received new reports of an illness outbreak at this resort – contact us for help, below is our report from last summer.
We've recently heard reports of the potential outbreak of a holiday illness at the Holiday Village Majorca, originally known as the Protur Monte Safari. Large groups have fell ill, with severe sickness and diarrhoea.

Families and Children

We have been informed of a family currently at the resort who have 2 children. The husband and the 2 children began violently vomiting after spending little more than a day at the Holiday Village in Cala Millor.

Whilst timing is always an issue and some reps and tour operators may argue that this was a virus you had prior to visiting the resort our experience tells us this may not be the case and its always worth looking into in further detail.

As well as problems with basic food hygiene, the swimming pool can be a breeding ground for any number of viruses and bacteria. This is why we were concerned to hear that when someone vomited into the pool, it seemingly wasn't cleaned properly. After 'cleaning' the pool, there was still vomit floating around the lifeguard tower. The person who reported this added that many jumped into the pool after it was reopened, unaware that it had not been cleaned properly.

When it comes to an annual family holiday, holidaymakers place their trust in the staff at the resort, and the tour operator who sold them the holiday. When things like this occur, holidaymakers are well within their rights to feel betrayed.

'Horrible Histories' Holiday Village

Consumer led travel website TripAdvisor contains a very recent review by a man who went to the resort with his family. He criticised the food, and reported all 4 of the party, including his 1 year old daughter, came down with severe sickness and diarrhoea on their final day and adding that others at the resort were ill also.

As holiday illness solicitors, we have frequently commented on outbreaks of illness over the years, at First Choice resorts operating under the 'Holiday Village' brand.

The Holiday Village range is aimed at offering discount package holidays for families, in 4-5 star resorts. These reports show that however many stars a resort may have, it can still let hygiene standards slip, causing an illness outbreak.

What Can You Do?

The 'Package Travel Regulations' provide significant legal protection to those who have bought a package holiday from a UK tour operator, such as First Choice. If you're ill abroad, and you believe the resort is at fault, you can make a claim in the UK against the tour operator who sent you there.

As we have mentioned, those we have heard from have mentioned that others have been at the resort also. We would be very interested in hearing from anyone who feels we may be able to help them after their holiday illness.

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