Successful compensation claim for road traffic accident personal injury


We have successfully handled a compensation claim case for a client who suffered personal injury when another driver drove into the back of her car at traffic lights.

Our client was a passenger in a vehicle which was stationary at temporary traffic lights when the other driver negligently failed to brake in time and collided into the rear of our client’s car. As a result our client suffered personal injury to her left shoulder and her legs and now, some 4 years after the car accident, she is still in a huge amount of pain and has been registered disabled as a result of the road traffic accident.

Car Accident at traffic lights

In fact, our client had to be medically discharged from her job as medical opinion is that she will not now be fit enough to return to work in any capacity. From the time of the car accident until the successful compensation claim four years later, our client had to survive on incapacity benefit alone – she had to resort to bank loans and credit cards to pay her mortgage and bills, both sources of finance also running up huge amounts in interest in the meantime. Our client was, as a result, left in a dire financial situation.

We were able to obtain substantial interim payments to assist her through the claims process.

Amongst other medical professionals she was referred to, including a Rheumatologist and Consultant Shoulder and Upper Limb Surgeon, our client was also treated by a Psychologist for Pain Management who was able to help with her mild depression and feelings of an inability to cope following the road traffic accident which left her registered disabled, unable to work and with a severely reduced income and no hope of being able to manage another job.

More conventional treatments included physiotherapy and injections into the shoulder joint – neither of which brought much improvement. Our client was also left having to use crutches because of severe pain in her legs which was not alleviated by painkillers.

An occupation health therapist was instructed to visit our client at her home and evaluate her living situation. Equipment and changes in her home life were recommended and our client found this change assisted with her daily routine.

In all, what seemed to be a minor car accident has left our client with a life changed – and not for the better. From being a dedicated carer of others, it is our client who now needs medical care for continuing pain and incapacity.

We were able to obtain a six figure compensation figure for our client.

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This article was written by Sarah-Jayne Bell, Road Traffic Accident Claims Team.

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