Struggling on Sick Pay- What Can I Do?


After an accident, your earnings may slow down or even stop as a result of your injuries. You may even experience immediate expenses. Interim payments could be the difference between you settling your injury claim too early and getting you the money you deserve.

What kind of sick pay are you receiving?

There are 2 types of sick pay you can receive. Statutory Sick Pay (SSP) and Contractual Sick Pay.

SSP is paid by your employer for up to 28 days. SSP will become part of your taxable income and you will have to pay income tax on it.

Sick pay under your employment contract is called contractual sick pay. It may be more than that offered under SSP and can sometimes be claimed for longer. Contractual sick pay cannot be lower than what you would have received with SSP but it may not be your normal rate of pay.

What If I am sick because of an injury I suffered?

If you are off sick due to an accident you’ve suffered, you may be able to get interim payments until your case is settled.

Interim payments are early payments that you can receive that are a proportion of the total value of your claim.

What are my chances of getting interim payments?

The other sides' insurers make these payments. They can be given either voluntarily or under court order. Sometimes insurers are reluctant to pay but with the help of an experienced solicitor, they will be able to argue on your behalf successfully.

An interim payment can be used to get your car back on the road, cover any shortfalls you are experiencing or to meet any other immediate losses.

If the chances of your claim being successful are high, you are more likely to get an interim payment. You will also have to prove that your chances of success are more than the interim payment you will receive.

Top Tips to Take Away

  • An interim payment can be useful if you're struggling for cash
  • If your case is likely to be successful, it will be easier to get an interim payment
  • An experienced solicitor will be able to secure you an interim payment

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