Streamlined Visit Visa Process Announced


Home Office Consultation

The Home Office has been in consultation with business partners for a significant period, with a view to simplifying the visit visa regime. The business community argues that the complexities of the current system make it difficult to bring talent into the UK.

Reduction In Categories

It is understood that the 15 visit visa categories currently available will be reduced to 4. Current visit visa conditions can be very restrictive in certain categories.

It is anticipated that the simplified regime will allow those visiting the UK to undertake a greater range of activities without violating the conditions of their visa. For example, those who wish to visit on holiday and attend business meetings would be able to. This is a combination of tasks which is currently prohibited.

Simplified and Straightforward?

Simpson Millar LLP's Head of Immigration, Emma Brooksbank believes that although the proposals are intended to simplify the visit visa regime, changes to immigration processes in the UK are rarely straightforward.

We will continue to update any details with regards to this new streamlined process when we have further information.

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