"Stand your ground for Compensation Claim success" says London Personal Injury Lawyer


We have successfully won a compensation claim for a Royal Mail postman involved in a road traffic accident 2 years ago which left him with whiplash injuries.

Our client was driving his Royal Mail van and wearing a seatbelt when a car crashed into the front side of his vehicle. Such was the impact of the car crash that our client suffered whiplash injuries to his neck and lower back which still continued to affect his lifestyle some 2 years later.

During the claim we were up against stern competition from the car drivers’ insurers, who in our opinion were offering a settlement which in our opinion was far too low for a car accident compensation claim – yet they would not increase their offer.

The car driver had already admitted that the car accident was his fault and our client’s medical records show that many aspects of his life have been affected by his whiplash injuries. This includes the regular need to take painkillers, disturbed sleep and the loss of enjoyment of his regular hobbies of running and gardening.

Our client was unsure as to whether or not to take his road accident compensation claim to court as he felt that it would be something of a waste of time in terms of the compensation claim sum being offered.

However, we are aware that many insurers rely on Claimants not going to trial as these companies use compensation claim calculation systems which are not recognised by the Courts and which always produce compensation claim figures which are far too low for the injuries suffered.

This deters people such as our client from going ahead to trial to claim the compensation they rightfully deserve. But we urged our client to go ahead with his compensation claim for whiplash injuries – injuries which are still causing pain and discomfort 2 years after the car accident.

By standing his ground our client was awarded £4,100 – nearly £1,000 more than initially offered - plus indemnity costs and additional interest. Before going to trial our client was considering not fighting for his compensation claim at all.

We would urge anybody in the same situation to stay strong, get in touch and let our experts fight and win the compensation you deserve by going to trial, and not giving in.

Gary Tierney, the London based Personal Injury Partner of Simpson Millar LLP who dealt with the claim commented: "Claimants should be entitled to the correct level of compensation as referred to in the JSB Guidelines and/or case law and Defendants who rely upon computer based calculations will end up paying the price at court with penalties imposed both in terms of compensation and costs."

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