Stafford Hospital failings comes under scrutiny


An independent review of Stafford Hospital is to be undertaken by a National Clinical Director.

The failings of Stafford Hospital have been splashed across the news over the recent weeks after a report by the Healthcare Commission branded its findings as "appalling failings".

The report found that:

  • receptionists were carrying out initial patient checks
  • managers were said to be too obsessed with targets which resulted in patient care suffering
  • there were low staffing levels, inadequate nursing, lack of equipment, lack of leadership, poor training and ineffective systems for identifying when things went wrong were also highlighted

Commission Chairman Sir Ian Kennedy said there could no doubt that patients had suffered and "some of them will have died as a result".

Professor Sir George Alberti, National Clinical Director for Emergency Access has been asked to carry out an independent review of Stafford Hospital and its Trust's emergency care.

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