Soldiers are being penalised by poor MoD personal injury claims system


Many soldiers who are fighting to protect our country are suffering at the hands of the Ministry of Defence's compensation scheme.

You may recall the recent story of Lance Corporal Martyn Compton who suffered horrific injuries during an attack in Afghanistan. Lance Corporal Compton has lost his ears and nose and his eyelids are fused inside out. He only has limited use of his arms and no sweat glands over much of his body after being blown up, set on fire and then shot as he tried to get himself to safety.

The MoD initially offered him £99,000 in compensation, stating that he is only entitled to compensation for the 3 worst injuries. Following an appeal he has been offered £163,000, but his lawyers quite rightly state that this is still not an acceptable figure and if it was calculated in accordance with the tariff-based system it should be in the region of £366,000.

But wait are our soldiers being taken advantage of compared to civilian staff? Last year an RAF typist was awarded £484,000 for a repetitive strain injury. British soldiers put their lives at risk every day, surely the compensation system needs reviewing to reflect this.

Injured soldiers will often require long term care and their quality of life can be considerably reduced. The compensation scheme should provide them with the security and peace of mind of knowing they have a brighter future.

The MoD stated that the rules of the military compensation scheme were subject to a 2nd review, with ministers more determined to make payments more generous for the worst-affected servicemen.

Hopefully we should see a fairer system in place in the future.

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