So Where Is The Top Family Holiday Destination?


Cornwall has come out top of the charts for the world's best family friendly destination. It beat Orlando in the USA, Devon and Majorca to the prime spot.

Rights on your holiday

The survey, conducted by, named Cornwall the winner for families due to its family friendly beaches and short stress free journey times. Food was also a priority especially for fussy eaters who may not want to try anything new.

We are proud that Cornwall has come top of the list but as summer holidays draw closer, people will be flocking abroad to some of the destinations on this list to catch some summer sun.

Still Going Abroad?

When it comes to holidaying abroad, accidents can happen everywhere. From the list compiled by the study there are a couple of destinations that have been on our radar. Cyprus, Turkey, Majorca and Ibiza all feature in the survey and on our own personal holiday accident hotspot list. From slips and trips in the hotel to coach crashes and pool accidents – we have seen a number of holidaymakers that come to us that have suffered injuries due to the negligence of their hotel or tour provider.

Another consideration of parents in the survey was that they wanted a place where family- friendly food was served. Cornwall is best known for its sandy beaches where you can enjoy fish and chips or even a traditional cream tea. For the most part this is ideal however, some parents like to take their children abroad to experience new tastes, smells and cultures.

If you’re a globe trotter and like to try new foods, you may have experienced some kind of stomach upset as a result. Hygiene and food safety regulations are often different when you are abroad and so standards may slip without anyone doing anything about it. Uncooked meats, fruits and vegetables washed in dirty water and food left out in the open are all major contributors to travellers’ trots and other unsightly illnesses.

Compensation for Holidays Abroad

There are plenty of resorts abroad that are suitable for whole families - with special swimming pools for the little ones, spas for the adults and games rooms for the teenagers. However, when any one of those are promised and not delivered you may have a claim for holiday compensation. Even more so, you may have a claim if any of these cause harm to you or your children.

Well done to Cornwall for continuing to seize the hearts of families across the globe. But, if you're going abroad this summer make sure you protect yourself by booking a package holiday and securing travel insurance in case anything goes wrong.

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