SME's Flouting Flexi-Time in the Workplace


Sage UK has found that 30% of small and medium enterprises (SME's) are flouting the rules on flexible working, putting themselves at risk of being taken to an employment tribunal in costly challenges.

Employee Flexible Working

SME's Ignoring New Rules

Despite warnings that the guidelines were coming into place, many small businesses are not prepared, or are completely unaware of their new obligations in regards to flexible working. Some are not even offering flexible working as an option.

One of the concerns among small businesses is that implementing flexible working provisions will be too expensive. Approximately 40% of those surveyed by Sage agree.

This could be to do with some of the misconceptions surrounding flexible working and the effect it may have on a business.

Raise Morale and Reduce Overheads

There are many economical and ethical reasons why granting you the opportunity to work flexibly may work out better than expected for your business. Flexible working can raise moral for those that struggle to obtain a work life balance, these were the thoughts of 30% of those asked by Sage. It can also help save a company money in terms of expensive work equipment. Office space can also be reduced and it may allow your employer to extend their hours of operation in departments such as customer service.

The Future is Being Flexible

A total 128 of the 400 people asked about flexible working said the new approach taken by the law would, 'bring working arrangements into the 21st Century'. For small businesses especially, flexible working could boost their productivity and help to build a business model for the future.

Far from mobile businesses being in the future "they are in the present" according to Rob Davis, Head of Technology at Sage UK. This can't happen if the correct procedures are not in place for employees to take advantage of.

Flexibility Denied

If your request for flexible working is turned down for anything other than a legitimate business reason, you may have options available to you. An employment tribunal can be expensive, but if you seek legal advice beforehand, it can help reduce the cost and lead to a favourable outcome for you.

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