Siri, Where Can I Find A Lawyer?


As an integral part of Apple's IPhones since 2011, Siri has become a helping hand to young and old alike; whether it's something you've grown up with or a helpful way of getting a quick answer when you've misplaced your reading glasses.

Finding that perfect lawyer online

In this day and age it's almost a given that when faced with a problem, we turn to the internet to find a solution. But what many don't realise is that searching answers to complex legal issues via voice technology might not always give you the answer you need.

Are We Changing How We Access Legal Advice?

With the numbers of social cases receiving legal aid each year dropping from 470,000 to just 53,000 since 2010, and with top judges recognising that the justice system "has become unaffordable to most" (The Lord Chief Justice's Report, 2015), it's likely that more people are now finding alternative means of searching for legal advice.

With the area of family law being particularly affected, Siri may now be seeing complex divorce questions such as; "how do you contest an unreasonable behaviour divorce petition?" or; "what is a clean break order?".

Whilst Siri can provide witty answers to certain specific questions (it was recently found that Siri can beatbox when asked…) people must remember that the responses should not be relied upon as professional legal advice.

Victoria Walker, Partner and Head of Family Law at Simpson Millar's Wimbledon office, explains:

"It must be remembered that the advice given by searching through personal assistant systems like Siri should not be seen as a substitute for legal advice – you can't be sure that the information you are given is right."

Simpson Millar Can Answer Your Questions

By contacting Simpson Millar, you could get the reliable advice you need. Victoria continues:

"Many family law problems, such as divorce and the often associated financial and children issues, are complex and emotive. Without legal help these issues can escalate further and become increasingly difficult."

If you do think you have a legal problem, we offer free initial advice on the telephone where we can advise you on the issue at hand and whether you need help, only if you decide to proceed with us would you be charged. We are also happy to signpost you to other organisations or charities that can provide more suitable help if needs be.

Simpson Millar offer fixed-fee family services tailored to your needs so that you can still access professional help whilst having complete certainty over your legal costs.

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