Simpson Millar Takes a Pledge for Parity


The theme for this year’s International Women’s Day is ‘Pledge for Parity’. This isn’t just to celebrate how far we’ve come in supporting the achievements of women; it reminds us that this work isn’t yet done.

Lets help women and girls achieve their ambitions

Gender equality progress has slowed in recent years, which is why it’s time for everyone to take the pledge to remind us to take action against inequalities.

Which Pledge Will You Take on March 8th?

I pledge to...

  • Help women and girls achieve their ambitions,
  • Challenge conscious and unconscious bias
  • Call for gender-balanced leadership,
  • Value women and men’s contributions equally,
  • Create inclusive, flexible cultures.

Our Pledges for Parity

Emma Hopkins Jones, Associate Family Law Solicitor, takes the pledge to challenge conscious and unconscious bias. Emma explains why:

"Even having been a family lawyer for many years, the true extent of bias against women continues to shock me. Women are overwhelmingly the victims of domestic violence – 1.4 million women, as opposed to 700,000 men, suffered domestic abuse in the last year, and 2 women each week are killed by a current or former partner."

"I am proud to be an active member of the Women's Equality Party, one of the reasons for this being that their policies prioritise the need to keep women safe from violence."

"Whilst bias against women is often out there in plain sight, in certain instances it is so ingrained that it is invisible or unconscious. Campaigns like the Everyday Sexism project are so significant because they bring our attention to these acts of sexism that are mostly tolerated; it importantly calls out these acts and reminds everyone that no level of sexism is acceptable."

"All bias against women – both conscious and unconscious – must be challenged."

Director of Family Services Emma Pearmaine takes the pledge to create inclusive and flexible cultures. Emma explains why this pledge is important to her:

“Other women often ask me how I have managed to juggle motherhood and my career. The Legal profession is notorious for making it difficult for women to rise to senior positions because of inflexibility and failure to promote and practice an inclusive culture.”

“I have been very lucky at Simpson Millar because there is proactive support for women here enabling us to juggle all the balls to get the best of both. We were the first Legal Firm to achieve an equality and diversity quality standard. We also recognise the specific needs of our workforce with our support of inclusive health and well-being policies and careful HR policies for the engagement and subsequent promotion of staff.”

“We also work closely with The Corporate Alliance for Domestic Violence, a charity which engages with employers to extend health and well-being policies to include domestic violence policy to provide support for survivors, the workplace being their place of safety.”

“With the Corporate Alliance, we pledge for Parity.”

A Continued Fight for Gender Equality

Simpson Millar continues to champion gender parity both for our employees and for the client’s we represent.

Gender inequality persists and comes in many, many forms – it could be being unfairly paid less than a male colleague, being held back when returning to work after having a baby, or being amongst the 1.4 million women who suffered domestic abuse at the hands of a partner in the last year.

We are proud to support women facing these difficulties everyday and to help them eventually succeed in reaching a fair result.

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