Simpson Millar sponsors Brain and Spine Foundation


Simpson Millar LLP is to be the main sponsor for the Brain and Spine Foundation's Flora London Marathon which takes places on 26 April 2009.

The firm are proud to be associated with the Foundation and the work it carries out on behalf of victims of brain and spine conditions across the United Kingdom.

The Brain and Spine Foundation not only helps adults and children affected by injuries associated with the brain and spine, but develops training and tools for the medical and education professionals working within the field.

Breda Cronin, an associate in Simpson Millar LLP's Cardiff office is running the London Marathon on behalf of the Brain and Spine Foundation. The Flora London Marathon is well known for being a fundraising event where you see thousands of people in fancy dress supporting their respective charities.

The London Marathon also has its own Charitable Trust which ensures all profits made from their events fund or part-fund recreational projects across the capital.

Breda has been training since January for the event and commented: "I started training in January/February following a request from our Commercial Director for a volunteer from the firm to run the marathon on behalf of the Brain and Spin Foundation."

"I have found the training both challenging and at times very tiring, in fact I feel tired and hungry almost all of the time, but it has also been enjoyable and rewarding."

"The training started well, but around week 5 or 6, I felt as if I had hit the wall and could not ever imagine reaching marathon level. Fortunately, things slowly improved and the long runs became a little less exhausting, I am now up to approximately 15 miles on my long runs. Easter weekend will be my last long run (20 miles) as I have a 2 week wind down before the marathon so will only have to do shorter runs during this time, a time to which I am looking forward! In fact, I can now see the light at the end of the tunnel and in many ways can't wait for the 26th of April."

"I think it is fair to say that training for the marathon is much more of a commitment and challenge than running the marathon itself, which I am hoping will be tough but fun. It takes over a large part of your free time, but I am sure it will be worth it as it is in support of a very worthwhile and deserving cause."

You can sponsor Breda at

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