Simpson Millar Now Offers Motoring Offence Advice in Polish


At Simpson Millar, our motoring offences team provide expert advice and representation to anyone concerned about losing their driving licence because of an alleged driving offence. We're pleased to announce that our Polish Department will now be able to provide this service to our Polish speaking clients.

Specialist Motoring offence advice is now provided to Polish speaking clients

Simpson Millar's Driving Offence Services

We have a great deal of experience working for clients from all backgrounds with a range of different issues. Our team can help with cases involving:

We also provide personalised advice and representation for cases involving:

  • Totting up and exceptional hardship
  • Licence revocation and new drivers
  • Applications to reinstate driving licence
  • Special reasons not to endorse or disqualify
  • Appeals against a conviction
  • Applications to reopen a conviction
  • Applications for early removal of disqualification
  • Offences committed in England and Wales by drivers from outside the UK.

Services for Businesses

We can help to support your business and its reputation should you encounter problems. We'll get to know your business and provide advice on issues including:

  • Breaches of tachograph legislation
  • Taxi licencing problems
  • Defective vehicle loads/driving an overloaded vehicle
  • Logistics.

How We Can Help

A driving offence can seriously affect your daily life, your ability to work, or could pose a threat to your company and its reputation. Resolving these issues can seem all the more difficult when facing an unfamiliar legal system.

If you find yourself facing a motoring offence, our Polish speaking solicitors can help you at every stage, giving you the quick and clear advice you need to solve your problem. You'll receive personalised advice from our Polish motoring offence team that best suits your needs to help avoid a driving ban and minimise any penalties.

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