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A will is one of the most important documents you will ever sign in your life. For this reason, you will want it to be put together by knowledgeable, well-experienced professionals who will put your best interests before their own, whilst making sure that it is legally enforceable. Because of this, many people will look to a solicitor for help.

Wills and Probate

Many other options out there may seem cheaper and easier but may have dire consequences. In the current climate, unregulated and unqualified people can set up as will-writers tempting potential customers with rock bottom prices and quick deals.

The Wills and Inheritance Quality Scheme

In recognising this, the Law Society has set up a new accreditation scheme to help consumers differentiate between the unregulated will-writers and regulated solicitors who are qualified to do the job right. It is called the Wills and Inheritance Quality Scheme (WIQS) and will be launched next year. It is a voluntary scheme, which will allow already regulated firms to register online. Once launched, it will allow people who want to draft their will to find the closest Wills and Inheritance Quality member.

The scheme launches next year, but that will not stop unregulated writers from providing services to those who need them. Unlike these unregulated writers, solicitors are insured to protect against risk and are well practiced and educated in drafting wills.

The impact of a bad will isn’t felt until it’s too late to do anything about it. When you or your loved one has passed away and the will is read, it won’t carry out the wishes of the person who signed it. This is likely to cause more distress, and could tear a family apart.

Simpson Millar LLP provides Quality Service

Simpson Millar LLP is experienced in providing wills and probate services to those who need them. Our solicitors are members of the Solicitors for the Elderly and the Society of Trust and Estate Practitioners. These organisations only allow solicitors with a reputation of providing quality services to apply.

If you or your loved one passes away without making a will, it is called intestacy. This means that it will be the law that determines 'who gets what' and often will not reflect your wishes. Also, if you are unmarried and you pass away, your partner is often left with nothing, as the rules of intestacy do not recognise that partnership.

Not only does Simpson Millar LLP provide a fast, no nonsense service we create wills to satisfy your individual needs. We can also help homeowners avoid care home fees by making suitable arrangements in their wills.

We recognise that some of the people that want to make a will are not able to make it to the office. That is why Simpson Millar LLP provides an at-home service where you may feel more comfortable discussing your needs.

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