Simpson Millar LLP Welcomes LGBT Clients


While same sex couples have been able to join in civil partnership since 2004, from next year, same sex couples will be able to marry.


As the law has progressively changed, solicitors are now realising that they will have to cater to different specific needs and alter their approach in order to relate with their customers. Although there is no legal specialism known as LGBT law, there are certain areas that will need to adapt in the way they deliver their services to this emerging group of cohabiting, civil partnered or married gay couples.

Simpson Millar LLP does LGBT Family Law

Notably, family law will see some changes in terms of who will come for advice. Simpson Millar LLP already has extensive experience in this area. We provide help with civil partnership issues such as dissolution of civil partnership and making you aware of your legal rights. Adopting children and parental responsibility are also areas in which an LGBT couple may find it more appealing to go to a solicitor who has extensive experience and understanding of their situation.

Separating from your same sex partner can be a difficult time. However, some couples do not want to divorce. A legal separation will allow you the space and time you need to re-evaluate your civil partnership without putting an end to your union.

Even if you and your partner are not married, you may still need legal advice on your position as a same sex couple. From 1996 to 2012 there was a 345% increase in the amount of gay cohabiting couples – in particular, they face a lot of problems if their relationship breaks down. One way of avoiding this is by putting in place a cohabiting agreement. This will allow you to avoid unnecessary costs and can protect your property and financial rights. It is much like a pre-nuptial agreement and is intended to legally bind both parties.

It's not only family law that will have to keep up with the changes in regards to same sex marriage. Employment and immigration are also areas where the law will have to keep up with this emerging new market.

LGBT in the Work Place

Bullying in the workplace, harassment and discrimination are problems, particularly if you are lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender. Many people suffer in silence not knowing their legal rights and often leaving their job because of it. It is important for those in this position to know that they have rights and can seek protection and stamp out discrimination against their sexual orientation. This can be done by seeking the help of a solicitor.

LGBT and Immigration

Partners include both same sex and civil partners. This is important to know in terms of immigration as there will be many who want to apply to stay in the UK because their significant other is already here.

There may be times when you need a specialist solicitor to deal with your asylum or immigration application whilst being sensitive to your individual circumstances.

LGBT and Wills

People may not think it but LGBT issues extend to situations like the making of a will. If your partner dies and you were not married you could end up with nothing. This is because the rules that determine 'who gets what' after a person passes away do not recognise unmarried partners. This is why it is so important that if you are unmarried that you have a will created by a specialist solicitor who can ensure that your partner is left with something on your passing.

Simpson Millar LLP was the first UK law firm to achieve the Diversity on Business Accreditation (Excellence) from the EW Group. This confirms that as a firm, we have equality and diversity at our heart as we endeavour to provide the best service that suits your needs.

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